Reading Fitness Club

Thanks for visiting the modern Reading Fitness center located in Christchurch Meadows, Caversham. Their outdoor fitness sessions provide the grass near the river Thames. Run by fitness training company, Peak XV Fitness, the health club meet 4 times a week for an hour at a time.

Reading fitness classes

The sessions are mainly attended by women but males are thank you for visiting join. Participants join for a month and may complete as much sessions because they like in that point. The sessions are lead by Peak XV fitness’s team of expert fitness trainers who place the group members through their paces.

The challenging sessions usually focus on a comprehensive warm up plus a number of stretches. This could last ten or fifteen minutes as it could take this really miss your body to warm up in planning for that vigorous exercises to follow along with. The session then moves in to a circuit training format with participants afflicted by some kettle bell and body weight exercises to try their stamina and muscular endurance. The audience members particularly love this component while they arrive at enjoy the “toys” and quite often get possiblity to make use of a partner.

The 3rd section of the session is the dreaded running drills which could well be the most difficult area of the workout. With group members already fatigued from your circuit section the teachers put the group by way of a group of sprint drills in conjunction with short rest periods! The sprints vary in distance from short, sharp twenty metre sprints to longer 2 hundred metre runs. In addition to getting people very fit these types of exercises can be very nauseating to the uninitiated. This is caused by the creation of lactic acid in the muscles that can bring about the sickness feeling and requires a short while to obtain used to.

If people survive this intense section then they are rewarded using a well earned and gentle cool-down and extend to finish the session. This last section involves gently stretching the muscles that have been used during the session and progressively returning them to their normal length while attempting to reduce post workout muscle soreness.

Regular member, Clare Atkins, says,” I’ve been visiting the Reading Fitness center with Peak XV Fitness for nearly six months now and i also absolutely love it. Each session is different and that we also have an alternative challenge. The coaches are really great at motivating all of us and also the other group members encourage one another to get the most from each exercise. I’ve lost a small amount of weight but I’ve mainly changed physique and toned up in the end these sessions - I’d suggest the course to anyone.”

For more information concerning the Reading Fitness Club and the way to get a free week with Peak XV Fitness then go for their website at

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Places are completing fast in front of the summer so don’t miss out on your house on the Reading Health club.


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